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Our view:  Being in the right place at the right time with the right message is central to influencing the buying process. Our e-brochures are modular and dynamic, making them easy to assemble, update, enrich with video and then share across platforms.


Adding value to value add

When AkzoNobel acquired ICI so began the complex business integration journey. A fundamental review of business messaging within the packaging coatings BU led to brand new storylines of unsung customer collaboration coaxed from reticent pragmatists. 


Customers like it because it puts their product centre stage, exploring how they push the boundaries by working with AkzoNobel to deliver for their customers. The client like it because it brings entirely fresh impetus to the brand proposition. centre/key account sales activity.


Our view: Making the invisible visible by heroing all the support that never gets billed for.

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