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We build powerful engagement and ROI by shaping the customer journey where your influence counts most.

We help organisations map and target their critical points of buyer influence to create greater revenue opportunities, increase market share and beat the competition. 

By targeting investment on the points that really matter to the buyer, we create a sustainable advantage and help companies eliminate waste. The Lgs Partnership is about marketing making a real difference in business performance.

what we do.


Like many businesses, The Lgs Partnership is built on the belief that things can be done better; that the conventional way of working is no longer working. Unlike most, however, we’ve already been doing this for over 20 years.


Our co-founders have worked as client and agency across countries and industries, delivering award-winning work with a tangible impact on the bottom line for some of the biggest business brands and the smallest most exciting start-ups.

We like to think of it as reinventing B2B, one client at a time :)

Something on your mind? Call us for a chat 0207 924 7111 or drop us a note



The campaign has been very well received, both internally and externally, with partners commenting that
"it's modern and disruptive – just as a ‘challenger’ brand should be".

I bl**dy love this 😊

Thank you!

Everything has gone down really well thanks – lots of positive chatter from the project team.

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