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Spurious correlations…

Did you know... the number of people who drowned by falling into a pool is well correlated with the number of films Nicolas Cage appeared in, for any given year.

While this clearly illustrates that correlation does not always equal causation, it did make me smile.

I read this weird ’fact’ in a fascinating interview in a fabulous house magazine Spectacle - great customer comms, it is too.

In the marketing space, as in every other, we clamour for insights into customer behaviours and market trends.

Get on top of this and you are ‘away to the races’ as they say.

But the average can be spectacularly wrong.

As Mr Ian Shepherd says………

…business that find a cost-effective way to cater to the individual rather than the average generally win.

We are all individuals and value being treated that way.

Cubitts, the retailer that publishes Spectacle, clearly understands the customer journey well.



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