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TL;DR - Too long; didn’t read.

What’s too long? Too many words? Context is everything. But the challenge remains the same, wherever we’re working.

Increasingly, the norm is to side-step the written word with film/animation.

The modern paradigm is Less to read. More to watch. But we still need words.

Obsessed with simplicity and brevity and mindful of TL;DR, I smiled when I read Tesla’s summation of millions of dollars of investment effort in the new Class leading Plaid Model S…..

99 words.

That’s all it took them.

Looking for the detail? Scroll down the page and you’ll hit 100 -150 words in bites of as little as 5 at a time.

Click out of the page and it takes you to ‘buy’.

That’s your lot!

I like that.



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